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Welcome to City Youth! We're excited to offer an awesome programme designed specifically for young people aged 11-16. We get together every Thursday night, during term time from 7 to 8:30 pm in the Community Hall at City Church. It’s a chilled evening with plenty of snacks and drinks! Each week we rotate between study, social, and serving weeks, ensuring there's something for everyone.

During study weeks, we dive deep into different parts of the Bible, exploring how it applies to our lives today. These sessions are interactive and engaging, encouraging meaningful discussions, whatever your knowledge of the Bible is like, it’s a space to explore and ask questions.

On social weeks, get ready for loads of fun as we host games, cooking challenges, movies, quizzes and a whole lot more. These evenings are all about spending time together, having fun and building friendships.

For serving weeks, it’s time to make a positive impact locally! On these nights we have the chance to get involved in our church and local community through helping others and volunteer projects.

On top of all this, through the year we will also have various outings from bowling to beach trips and ice skating to indoor climbing!


Curious to learn more about City Youth and what we have coming up? Don't hesitate to reach out to David at he would love to hear from you. See you there…

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