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Sundays 10.30am
registration closes at 10.50am

Here at City Church, we are passionate about helping children and young people to not only learn about God, but connect with God for themselves too! We do this through creating an environment which is loads of fun, with caring leaders and a programme that features a wide range of activities specifically geared towards the different age groups.  Helping them grow in confidence and grow closer to Jesus.

We start at 10.30 by joining the rest of the church to worship as a family, then after about 15 minutes we head off for our own special programme.

0-4 years old (Pre-school)

Our youngest Kids Church group and quite possibly the noisiest! If your child is under two then we will need you to stay with them for the session. If they are two to four years old, you are welcome to stay, but we encourage parents to drop them off so the kids have the session to explore things themselves. We have a fantastic selection of action songs to get the kids moving, then, while they enjoy a drink and a snack we share the week’s Bible story, usually told with props they can hold or actions to copy along with. There will also be a craft to join in with along with a tuff tray activity plus free play opportunities too! 

5-7 years old (Reception to Yr2)

Getting a little older now but still plenty of things going on! Our Transformers group normally starts off with some music and dancing followed by the week's Bible story. There may be a short video to watch relating to the story too. Then after a drink and a snack, it’s time to get crafty with other activities to help the children understand the story, often working on something altogether which is displayed in the room to show off their artwork. In this group we also have a points system where the kids receive points for a variety of things and at the end of each month, we have our ‘shop’ where the kids can spend those points.

8-10 years old (Yr3-Yr5)

Introducing our Shine group! After having some refreshments together we start to unpack this week’s topic through games, sometimes drama, activities, challenges and more! We encourage discussion and often split into smaller groups to make sure everybody has chance to join in and share their thoughts and ideas. This group also has a points system with prizes too!

11-14 years old (Yr6-Yr9)

Blaze is our oldest group and follows a similar format to Shine with a variety of games and activities too (except we also have hot chocolate!) We love to enable deeper discussions, asking the why question and encouraging the young people to really delve into what we are looking at that week.

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