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Sundays 10.30am
registration closes at 10.50am

Here at City Church, we are passionate about helping children and young people to not only learn about God, but connect with God for themselves too! We do this through creating an environment which is loads of fun, with caring leaders and a programme that features a wide range of activities specifically geared towards the different age groups.  Helping them grow in confidence and grow closer to Jesus.

Our kid’s church is called ‘City Kids’ and is for children aged 0-14 during our Sunday service each week. If it is your first time joining us on a Sunday, welcome! It’s great to have you here and we are so pleased to see you. When you arrive, there will be stewards waiting to say hello and point you in the right direction to the main church building. You are welcome to sit anywhere you like but we find that families often gather in the area of seats where you first enter the hall.


The service starts at 10:30 where we have a time of worship. Don’t worry if your kids are making noise, we honestly don’t mind, but if you would feel more comfortable, there is a room on the left you can head to (it has large glass windows and speakers so you can still hear what is going on in the service). After 10-20 minutes, a notice will come up on screen asking the two older City Kids groups to head out for their sessions (see details below for age groups). If your children are in these age ranges, simply follow the other parents across to the house before joining the service again once the kids have been dropped off. The younger two groups leave shortly after this. At the end of the service head back over to the house to collect your children!

The session content for each age group is specially written for them by our team to make sure it always includes something for all the kids to join in with so nobody is ever left out. Find out more about what happens in the individual groups below.

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